Gay Treatment Rehab Center Florida first steps to your future If you need to find a friendly gay alcohol rehab or gay drug rehab program, call us anytime, our addiction treatment counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

Just minutes from the ocean
Beautiful Delray Beach, Florida, provides the perfect setting for Gay Treatment Rehab Center. Here, just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, you can build a solid foundation for recovery.

Main facility
Our main residential facility has an attentive 24-hour staff to help you begin a new way of life. By attending daily groups and individual counseling sessions, you’ll:

learn to function as part of a community
make changes in thought and behavioral processes
improve patterns of behavior
learn recovery networking skills

Halfway house
After completing our treatment program, you can move into our halfway house if you’ve proven your stability with:.

job placement
meeting attendance

This comfortable facility continues a structured environment with weekly group and therapy sessions. The goal is to help you find balance between your recovery and everyday life experiences.

Three-quarter-way houses
This level of care is essential. It continues a supportive network so you stay connected and positively reinforce what you’ve learned. All of the homes are within walking distance of the main facility for easy access to aftercare groups.




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