Gay Treatment Rehab Center Florida first steps to your future If you need to find a friendly gay alcohol rehab or gay drug rehab program, call us anytime, our addiction treatment counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

Levels of care
Wherever you are in the continuum of addiction and recovery, we can help. You can choose from residential and non-residential programs, some intensive and some designed for those who are currently stable.

Extended care
Because of the chronic nature of addiction, we have found that most people are best served through long-term care and follow up. We can focus on any single part of the drug/alcohol treatment continuum – or use any combination of our programs to specifically address your needs.

Residential intensive outpatient
If you are currently stable but are at high risk for relapse, this program offers:

intensive, safe, supportive, structured treatment at our facility
an opportunity to become employed in the community and develop a strong support network

Non-residential intensive outpatient
Perhaps you are already employed in the local area and/or have a stable living situation. Then this intensive program allows you to live outside the facility but continue to meet your rehab needs.

Residential outpatient
The appropriate treatment option when you are stable but need:

further treatment to prevent relapse
help with solutions to problems not necessarily addressed at another level of care

While you are employed in the community and developing a strong support network, the emphasis is on:

continued stabilization
solidifying long-term recovery goals
supportive treatment

Non-residential outpatient
If your addiction has not progressed to the extent that you need more intensive levels of care, this program delivers:

education for continued recovery
refinement of long-term recovery plans

You must be currently stable, have employment and a stable environment to live in while receiving treatment.

Once you have completed formalized treatment, our aftercare program provides:

a group where you can regularly and openly discuss day-to-day experiences
a source of information and referral if you are having difficulty with the recovery process
refinement of recovery plans
monitoring of the post-treatment process

Residential treatment
Each of our residential programs is extensive in:

number of client contact hours
issues covered
solutions generated

We use:

solution-oriented traditional psychotherapy – group and individual
nutritional counseling
recreational opportunities
relapse prevention education and therapy
12-step recovery programs



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