Gay Treatment Rehab Center Florida first steps to your future If you need to find a friendly gay alcohol rehab or gay drug rehab program, call us anytime, our addiction treatment counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

What’s the roadmap for a life filled with endless possibilities and strong relationships? The journey begins with Gay Treatment Rehab Center.

Drug/alcohol detox
Our physicians are state licensed and certified in the newest “state-of-the-art” protocols. That means we provide you with safe, medically supervised detox – all in a tranquil, serene setting with outstanding accommodations.

Our caring, qualified staff assess and develop treatment according to individual needs. So your detox is highly personalized, with an average stay of 4-10 days.

After detox, even though you may feel liberated from addiction, transferring to rehab for a continuum of services is essential to prevent relapse.

Holistic approach
Long-term recovery depends on not only changing your mindset, but also your body and spirit. So included in our treatment are services focused on a healthy lifestyle:

mediation and spirituality
fitness therapy

Dual diagnosis
If like many addicts you also have a psychiatric disorder – such as depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety – immediate help is critical. The longer you go without proper psychiatric treatment, the more difficult your recovery.

To treat dual diagnosis, we bring together psychiatric, holistic and medical disciplines for the best possible care and outcome. You’ll learn about your disorder and how to manage it, especially as we focus on its inter-relationship with your addiction.

Trauma resolution
Many addicts and alcoholics have experienced stress/trauma. If it’s been part of your life and you repress it, it can lead to other symptoms and ultimately end in relapse.

Using a methodology that no other treatment center offers, our specialized clinicians facilitate an alternative to reliving traumas. They use clinical hypnotherapy for Rapid Trauma Resolution to resolve and heal all levels of trauma. In addition, they help you develop the necessary coping skills to deal with sexual abuse, violence, post-traumatic stress disorder and more.

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