Gay Treatment Rehab Center Florida first steps to your future If you need to find a friendly gay alcohol rehab or gay drug rehab program, call us anytime, our addiction treatment counselors are available 24/7 to help you find the best course of treatment for your individual needs.

The difference is respect and dignity
Are you looking for a rehab environment that’s safe and nonjudgmental about your sexual orientation? Where you can be honest about your experiences and issues – without fearing the reactions of other patients and even staff members? Then call our toll-free helpline now.

We understand your issues
Few drug and alcohol treatment programs focus on the issues you face, even though addiction in the GLBT community has skyrocketed. But at Gay Treatment Rehab Center we give you the best opportunity for recovery.

We provide what no other center offers
We also treat complicated addiction issues tied to past events – such as sexual abuse, violence or post-traumatic stress disorder – with Rapid Trauma Recovery. It’s a recovery tool that no other treatment center offers.


Our specialized treatment program includes:
• therapy groups
• support groups at our residences
• workshops for those struggling with sexual identity

And our staff, many of whom have recovered from addiction and are members of the GLBT community, understand the unique issues that surround sexuality and addictive behavior:
• heterosexism
• internalized homophobia
• coming out
• and more

For individual help whenever it’s needed, staff members are available.

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